student unlimited: $35 + tax = $38.50

alumni unlimited: $36 + tax = $39.60

non-student unlimited: $44 + tax = $48.40

(*tan tax is 10% in the state of WI*)

the BEST part of having a by-appointment only tanning studio: you get your 2:00pm tan time EVERY time! schedule all of your tans for the semester!



the bulbs that we have are the most premium on the market with smarter technology. people sometimes forget how important the actual bulbs are. in the tanning world, it's a make-it or break-it kind of thing.

the bed that you have been using at another salon might seem fancy with all the bells and whistles- but how good are those bulbs? and how "high end" are they? they might tell you, "we just got new bulbs!"...but. at what level of new bulbs? the cheapest on the market- (meaning the WORST for your skin) but newly installed? you probably have to go four times a week just to get a base color. to put it in perspective, every time you go back and use that same style of bed, you are still only getting that "base" color- even months after using it. you would have to go once a day, every single day to see a difference in color. not only are you spinning your wheels, and wasting a ton of money, but this is actually doing more damage to your skin than anything.

our new bulbs have the perfect combination of UVA/UVB. they have 50% less Photo Aging UV Light- which is huge for young and healthy skin. you can keep it that way now with adding a little bit of color!

the day that you start your membership, your card will be charged that exact date the next month. monthly memberships require cancellation prior to that date (please take into consideration that we are closed on sundays. our saturday hours are 8:30am-1:00pm). 

there are no refunds- if you forget to cancel before that date, you can tan for the rest of that month. 

please know that some dates might fall on weekends. example: you want to cancel your next month of tanning. if you started your membership on thursday, october 12th - but - november 12th falls on a sunday. you must come in on friday, november 10th to cancel.