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Why students?


Student pricing isn't something that a lot of businesses focus on. But we do. We're catering to a market that already doesn't get enough credit for their hardworking lifestyle.

A message from Brittany:
"I knew something was missing a few years ago when I started all of this. It hit me that these girls have no where to go for them. They don't have anywhere to go that is actually about them, or even a place that has reasonable prices for their lifestyle. Aside from that, my open door policy has become one of the most powerful outlets for these girls. I’ve shed an endless amount of tears (happy and sad) with them. I have had some of the most in-depth life conversations- some of the happiest conversations- and some, as unfortunate as it is, have been life saving conversations. The bond that I’ve grown with these girls have turned into friendships. I always knew that being a Salon Owner  meant you were a therapist at heart. But I didn't know it would be this rewarding. To my hardworking, beautiful, and inspiring college girlies who made this possible, this new location is for you. Tanning at your finger tips."


Why specific hours?


The hours at The Campus Studio have been strategically chosen:

- Based on the average student school schedule
- Based on when students work after school/at night
- Based on when students have winter break, spring break, etc. 

Why appointments only?


With our "by-appointment only" rule, this allows you to get the spot YOU want!

Have you ever stood in line at a tanning salon, only to get to the desk for it to be another 15 minute wait? Yeah, it's awful, we know. 

It's different here. You can add your tanning right into your day whenever it works for you.

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