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Buying anything online is convenient, right?

But... Not so much. Do you ever wonder why it's so "inexpensive" or "cheap" to make that purchase online? When we say online- this means any site you can get your hands on, EVEN AMAZON!


Some "online retailers" (yeah right) have been accused of diluting tanning lotions by pouring half of the bottle out and replacing it with cheap lotion, oils, or anything that is a liquid. When purchasing products online from an uncertified source, many times the products are counterfeit, contaminated, or expired, making them dangerous to use.


The goal, of course, is to fool you into believing you're purchasing the lotion for half the cost, while delivering a substandard product.

Stop into the Studio and get your hands on some of the best tanning lotions. With your skin in mind, we only carry the most natural lotion on the market, Swedish Beauty.

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