Your waxing experience isn't supposed to be "bad", and if it was, you went to the wrong place.

The cold, hard truth behind Brazilian waxes at the Studio:

Expectation: "Omg I'm just going to be laying there with nothing on me all vulnerable and stuff?"

Reality: The only truth to that is you laying down. The other part- No. At The Studio, we are all about privacy and making sure you're comfortable.

Let's break that reality down some more:

1. You are laying on sanitation table-paper that sits on freshly washed sheets.

2. You are given a big bath towel to lay on top of you. Most places give you a hand towel- IF EVEN THAT! How rude! The towel that you are given is big enough to cover all of your legs  (and things that you don't want hanging out all over the place).

3. The towel is moved throughout the entire wax. For example, if we're starting on the right side of you, only the right side of you is shown. The left side is completely covered with the towel.

The most common words said after a wax- "That really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." Correct. If the process is done right, you have nothing to worry about.