Waxing during pregnancy is always an important topic. (To be more specific, when someone STARTS to get waxed for the FIRST time during pregnancy)

If you were to start waxing before you got pregnant, you would be fine. If you were to start waxing at the first 1-2 months of being pregnant, you would be fine. BUT, if you were to start waxing at 6+ months, this gets alarming. Since this would be your VERY first Brazilian, you do not want to put extra stress on the baby. 

You are already super sensitive while pregnant, not only down there, but your skin in general. This could be a very painful first wax. Due to the shock of the wax going on and coming off, it can put your body into an over-drive. This is excessive, but some women have actually started contractions after their wax because of the stress it put on them.

Bottom line: it's not always the best to get your first Brazilian while you're pregnant. Actually, most salons will turn you away because they do not want to be at fault. If having a baby is in your future, start waxing now so that you're used to it!

Please let us know if you have any questions.