That lovely time of the month. Waxing while this is going on has always been an iffy question. And to be honest, it’s an iffy answer too.


If you think about it, your body is going through some serious hormonal changes during the week of your period. Not only are you more sensitive, but so is your body. People have reported that the wax hurts more than usual.


Bottom line: You do not want to have a tampon in while getting waxed. If you forget to mention that you have one in, the wax can get stuck to the string, and we're sure you can figure out the rest of what happens. If you do come in to get a wax during this super fun time, just remember to take it out!

(It's never a bad thing to just wait another few days or a week to let your hormones go back to normal! That way you have nothing to worry about.)