This is THEE most noticeable spot on any given human.  Especially if you have those awful black "dots" from shaving over your hair so much.  This isn't YOUR fault! You were just gifted with really dark hair, right?! 

The reason why it looks like this is because you have always shaved over it- making your fair follicles seem bigger than they even are. 

There is hope. When you continuously get waxed, you don't get the "dots". every time you get waxed, you are removing the "bulb" that the hair is sitting in. Once you become consistent, your pits will be SO smooth, and they will look like they should!  


YES use deodorant! But ONLY if it's the white top solid kind.

After you get waxed, you will have open pores from the exfoliation of it. Naturally, you will sweat. If this sweat "puddles" in your pores, you will have irritation which could cause break-outs.

Using a solid top deodorant will not only moisturize, but it will help you not sweat, which in turn you will have less tendencies of any type of flare up.