Shaving is literally like scraping your skin with a sharp object. Ever wonder why you have those annoying bumps and irritation!?


Think of pulling weeds vs. cutting weeds. When you pull them, the roots come up as well. When you’re cutting weeds, you’re technically only trimming them to the surface. They’re going to grow back the same exact way- stubbly and obnoxious. With waxing, it’s the same concept as pulling the weeds- the “roots” are also being taken out. Your hair has no choice but to grow back thinner; and sometimes even not grow back at all!

The amount of money you will spend on razors, cream, lotion, and then products to fix your "ruined" skin from scraping it for years, will far outweigh the price you will pay for waxing every month. Please don't ruin your skin permanently from shaving!