The rules of regularly waxing:
Do NOT shave in-between appointments! If you have to for some reason, please wait two weeks to book your next one so that the hair can grow out again. This way it will be the perfect length to get waxed!

The most ideal at-home routine:
Do this daily.

1) Before you jump into the shower, dry body brush (these can be purchased at the Studio!) Your entire body (because it's super healthy!) but especially the Brazilian area.

2) In the shower- use a mild exfoliator

3) Rule of thumb- your pores close within 30 seconds of getting out of the shower (or bath, hot tub, anything with steam) this is PRIME time to roll on your PFB Vanish! This way your pores can really soak it up!

4) Before you go to bed for the night- put on a little bit of coconut oil where you applied the PFB!

If you want to use the PFB Vanish two times daily to really get on top of the ingrowns right away, go ahead and apply it again in the morning when you wake up!

No, not your bath & body works stuff. USE THE REAL STUFF! If your lotion has anything in it that you can't pronounce, do NOT put it on your skin! If you think about it, your skin is the biggest organ you have, and your body takes in everything you put on it. Victoria's Secret lotion smells like roses but it's actually doing more damage than you think. Coconut oil, almond oil, or even lavender oil is what you should be putting on your skin to keep it hydrated!

A lot of people think this is something that only happens in the shower with some type of scrub. this is true- but there is more beneficial things you can be doing outside of the shower too. Dry body-brushing before you get in the shower sloughs off dead skin instantly, which means the steam of the shower can get to your pores faster- which means the exfoliator that you use in the shower will work THAT much better! 


For best results, please wait at least three (3) days to get waxed after you have tanned. This will reduce the risk of skin lifting, bruising, and burning.