PFB also known as Pseudo Folliculitis Barbae, is a condition where screw-shaped hair growth pattern winds itself like a screw into the skin. This generally looks like a small hard pimple and is painful. 


When you were shaving, this was probably "normal" to you to have hairs stuck under your skin- because that's basically what you were doing; forcing hair to stay as close to your skin as possible. Now that you're waxing. Your hair is growing back thinner. When shaving, the hair would grow back the same exact way every single time- straight up, and thick.


The outgrowth from waxing is different. Your hair will "lay down" on your skin because of how lightweight it will be. Since it's so fine, it will have the tendency to grow right back into your skin IF it's not exfoliated properly! (Meaning exfoliated in the opposite way it grows in) using a loofah in the shower, AND using PFB vanish will work miracles!