Why are you freaking out anyway?! This is quite possibly the best decision you've ever made.

*NEW*- Your very 1st Brazilian at the studio will have an up-charge of $9. This is due to the extra products used for the wax. Technically, your hair has been in you since puberty; which means it's going to take a little more to get as much out as possible!


Your first wax doesn’t mean you will get all of the hair considering it has been in you since puberty. You will have some that linger, and some that don’t come at all. It may take up to four waxes to get all of your hairs in the same stage of growth!

Some good steps to follow:

-First rule of business: STOP googling! You will only see horror stories online. That's not what happens in the real world from a trained Aesthetician.

-Breathe. It's fine. People get waxed all day long.

-Stop shaving for two weeks (gross, we know, but worth it) RULE OF THUMB: Make sure your hair is the length of a piece of rice before getting waxed. If your hair is any longer than the length of a piece of rice, you will want to trim it!

-No caffeine the day of your appointment.

-Do not use any lotions on your skin. Especially NO bath & body works! Yes it smells like rainbows and butterflies, but NO! Coconut oil will do the trick!

-Make sure you're exfoliating in the shower every day.

-A shower right before your first appointment is always best.

Vacationing soon?

If you know you're going on a vacation, plan ahead of time! For best results, have at least three waxes done before your adventure!