The hair that you just got waxed has been in you since puberty. Your first wax doesn’t mean you will get all of the hair. You will have some that linger, and some that don’t come at all. It may take up to four waxes to get all of your hairs in the same stage of growth!


 Your goal is to have zero hair. An average humans hair growth cycle is four weeks; which is why you should be getting waxed every four weeks. If you consistently get the same stage of hair every time, the hair follicle will eventually “die”.


 REMEMBER: When the hair is growing back, look at the LENGTH- NOT how much you have growing back! (Remember the goal is to LOSE the hair!) For instance, you might have half of the hair growing back. Well, that’s exactly what we want, but we still want to keep going. We want to get the other hairs that are still there, so look at the length of what’s growing in!



Aloe and coconut oil will be your best friends! (Do not use aloe brands that have more ingredients than you can't even pronounce)


Waxing is already the most exfoliating thing you can do for your skin. Since this fact is more than true, what you do at home is 99% part of your results. Waxing is going to do the same thing every time- take the hair along with the first layer of dead skin off of you. What you do at home is CRUCIAL!


you're probably used to using these when you were shaving. since you were basically just scraping your skin with a razor, and there was no real "exfoliation" happening, your regular loofah wasn't a big deal. but now that you have fresh skin, it's a big deal.


if you were to use that same loofah that you've used all week on your skin right now, you would break out. think of it this way. most people don't change out their loofahs. they use them every day. sloughing off dead skin and bacteria, and then hang them to dry. that means the next time you shower, you're just putting that same bacteria back into your skin. GROSS, RIGHT?! so! if you like loofahs, and want to stick to them, you need to change them out WEEKLY! if not twice a week. otherwise you will have probably break out. and it won't be pretty. check the annoying ingrowns tab for more options.


 Yes you need to shower! But make sure you are paying attention to the temperature of the water. You don't want it to be too hot- or too cold!


Want the best benefit to using coconut oil?! Put it on IN the shower! Towards the end of your shower, put the coconut oil on as if you were applying a lotion. It's going to seem super weird to do, but this is when your pores are the MOST open and will leave you seriously moisturized! When you get out, just pat yourself dry!


Use your best judgment. It's always best to wait 24 hours. If you're going to work out, shower IMMEDIATELY when you are done! *Do not have the water too hot!


Give it a 24 hour break. The chemicals in the water can cause irritation. If you are going on vacation, plan accordingly!


Wait at least 24 hours before AND after a wax! Since you technically have fresh skin showing, you will more than likely burn!